Construction Services

We provide comprehensive construction services, including material supply, execution of small projects, and planning and implementation of extensive projects.

Freight Transport

We specialize in reliable solutions for diverse transportation needs, from small shipments to comprehensive oversize cargo logistics.

Construction Work

What to expect from us?

Free Consultation

We offer free consultations to provide expert advice and answer your questions about your project, enabling us to better understand your requirements and discuss implementation options.

Material Selection

We prioritize the quality of materials used in our work. Expect us to use only certified and proven materials that contribute to the aesthetics, durability, and reliability of the structure.

Timely Completion

Our company firmly believes that a reliable and precise schedule is key to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We strive not only to meet but also exceed expectations, adhering to precise timelines to ensure your construction is completed on schedule.

Quality Communication

We maintain open and effective communication. We will be available to address your questions, provide regular updates on project progress, and listen to your needs and feedback.

Recent Projects

Showcase of selected successfully completed projects

Ground Work

Industrial halls, administrative buildings, residential buildings

Our team strength lies in trained professionals with versatile expertise, fully prepared to execute a wide range of industrial building projects. Special emphasis is placed on the quality of materials and their processing, with all materials used bearing official certification. We are a young and dynamically developing company that focuses on positive customer feedback regarding the quality of our constructions and project execution speed.

Quality and Safety

We adhere to high standards of quality and safety to ensure optimal results for our clients.

Speed and Flexibility

We can quickly respond to client needs and adapt to the unique challenges of each project without compromising important quality standards.

7+Years of experience
16+Completed projects
2Projects in progress


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Hledáme spolehlivé subdodavatele pro naše stavební projekty i jednotlivce s odpovídajícími zkušenostmi. Očekáváme slušné vystupování, praxi v oboru a řidičský průkaz skupiny B. Více informací získáte na telefonním čísle 601 508 947.